Ego Death will be my biggest and best show to date. In order to fulfill the vision I had for the show, I needed a lot of money. I turned to Kickstarter, launched a successful campaign and raised over $70,000! (you can see the Kickstarter pitch video here.)

We are doing things a little differently this time regarding the show opening(s), so I thought some clarification was needed.

The Ego Death show will be having two openings- the first one will be on October 12-13th at Barnsdall Municipal Museum in Los Angeles during the Beyond Eden Art Fair. This will contain the paintings from the Ego Death show, a retrospective of my past work as well as the first preview of the trailer for Mike Correll's documentary about me and my art, "I Like To Paint Monsters". This opening will be more of a proper museum show and will NOT include all the props and extras for the show that was mentioned in the Kickstarter pitch video.

After that weekend, the Ego Death paintings will be on view to the public throughout the month of October at Copro Gallery.

On Oct 26th we will have the big Ego Death show opening at Copro gallery. This will be the big show! Aside from having all the Ego Death paintings it will also include a Hearse, a funeral procession, a coffin (with Black Magick inside, playing the role of The Ego), a eulogy, a live organ player and tons of other surprises. While the first opening at Bansdall will be a special event in itself, the Copro show will be the big funeral/wake/Halloween party that was mentioned in the Kickstarter pitch video.

Oct 26th is actally the last day of the show and it is technically the closing show but we are billing it as the 2nd opening because it will be the bigger of the two events.

As always, the Copro show is free to the public. Black clothing and/or gothic funeral attire is encouraged. Since we will have an open coffin with Black Magick inside of it, we also encourage people to bring small items to put inside the coffin as offerings to the ego as we send it on it's way into the great beyond.

Ego Death
Oil on canvas